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About NBDG-X



We had an idea of disc golf events across the Europe. An idea of disc golf events with something more than just three rounds of disc golf and then back home. Events with social gatherings, having fun and getting experiences. We made this idea to be true. NBDG-X, a series of events in Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary and Spain. Everything was planned and players were waiting for the events. PDGA B-tier events with side events like wine tasting, brewery tour, visit to disc golf factory, Midsummer party…


Then something unexpected happened. COVID-19 pandemic happened. At first we had to cancel NBDG-X in Czechia. Then the Tuscan event in Italy. Later we had to cancel also events in Sweden, Croatia and Hungary. There were too many “IF factors” in the air. We want to organize the best events and give players the best experiences. There is no room for uncertainty. 


For 2020, there are still two events scheduled. NBDG-X Jussin Kisat in Finland and NBDG-X Fuengirola Open will be organized if the situation is suitable. More information about Jussin Kisat can be found from event page. Information concerning the Spanish event will be added later.


We know this situation is a disappointment and it is very frustrating. But, we have to look for the brighter side of this. We have got more time for make plans, get new ideas and maybe discuss with new destinations for year 2021. Yes, this year will have two NBDG-X events and next year we will organize the series with several events. With extra experiences. 


Hope to see you in this year’s events and stay tuned for news concerning 2021.

Explore the world with NBDG-X

Taste the Tuscany Wine and food, enjoy Czech beer, see a disc golf factory, experience Croatian atmosphere and Hungarian botanical gardens. Visit Latitude 64 disc golf factory in Sweden and experience Finnish Midsummer. End your season and tour under the Spanish sun.




NBDG-X Skellefteå | Skellefteå, Sweden


NBDG-X Jupiter’s Shade | Varaždinske Toplice, Croatia

Detailed information page coming soon.

NBDG-X Arbopen | Szarvasi Arborétum, Hungary

Detailed information page coming soon.

NBDG-X Fuengirola Open | Mijas, Spain

Detailed information page coming soon.

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