eXplore the world with NBDG-X

Play disc golf, have fun and meet new friends.

Feel the atmosphere of biggest disc golf event in Europe, taste the Tuscan wines, experience botanical gardens in Hungary, take a boat tour in Amsterdam and end your tour under the Spanish sun.

That is what NBDG-X is all about.


About NBDG-X


We had an idea of disc golf events across the Europe. An idea of disc golf events with something more than just three rounds of disc golf and then back home. Events with social gatherings, having fun and getting experiences.

Do you know the feeling of your dreams getting crushed? I know. That happened last year when we had to cancel all NBDG-X events across Europe. NBDG-X, disc golf events all over the continent mixed together with experiences, that has been my dream since I started working as event manager at NBDG. I know we have the resources and ability to do something like that. In 2020 something unpredictable happened. COVID. Yes, that is an old story and we all know it. Last year when I wrote a post about cancelling all NBDG-X events, I thought it was the biggest disappointment with my job. 

And this year the same happened again. We had to cancel the NBDG-X as a tour. Unfortunately. Despite all the bad news, there are also good news! Some of the NBDG-X will be organized. 

NBDG Tyyni, well it’s was already. 

Kings’ Country Open (July 30th to August 1st) in Denmark will be organized by René and the local club.

NBDG-X Tuscany Open is under negotiations.

AMSterdam Challenge (October 8th to 10th) In Netherlands will be organized by Dean and his crew.  

NBDG Fuengirola Open (November 11th to 13th) in Spain will be organized by NBDG. 

Summa summarum… No Amateur Euro Tour this year. No NBDG-X tour this year. The tour will be cancelled, but there will be some amazing events. Join party even had to cancel the tour itself. The events will be fantastic anyway!

PS. Wait for August 8th. Something big will be announced. #nextbigthing #discgolf





NBDG Tyyni 2021 sponsored by Latitude 64

July 1st to 3rd 2021


NBDG-X Tuscany Open

September 8th to 11th 2021

Fattoria di Pietrabuona, ITALY

NBDG-X Fuengirola Open

November 10th to 13th 2021

Mijas, SPAIN

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Disclaimer: There are a lot of detailed information still missing here. The COVID-19 pandemic is still on and due that we can’t make all needed confirmations yet. All needed information concerning the tour, individual events and schedules will be confirmed and released before registrations begin (expect Tyyni).