NBDG Tyyni 2021 sponsored by Latitude 64

You might have heard about Tyyni… It is the biggest disc golf event in Europe with 11 days of disc golf, friends and fun. Tyyni main event is scheduled from 1st to 3rd July, but the whole experience begins already 24th of June. There will be at least 16 disc golf events during the whole Tyyni experience!

What is worth X in Tyyni? Well, it is the biggest disc golf event in Europe, gathering over 1000 players. That is something worth X already, but there is also more. Jussin Kisat event played during Finnish Midsummer, Tyyni After Dawn played at night (!), a lot of one round C-tier events, spectacular award ceremony and players party…

Official Tyyni website


General information

  • July 1st to 3rd 2021 (Tyyni main event)
  • Sipoo / Kerava / Porvoo / Tuusula, Finland
  • PDGA Euro Tour & NBDG-X PDGA Amateur Euro Tour event
  • 3-day PDGA A-tier event

Contact Information

Preliminary event schedule

Details on the schedule might chance, more detailed information can be found from Tyyni website.

Thursday, June 24th – Wednesday, June 30th
Tyyni side events
Practice opportunities

Wednesday, June 30th
Opening ceremony

Thursday, July 1st
1st round with tee-times

Friday, July 2nd
2nd round with tee-times

Saturday, July 3rd
3rd round with tee-times 
Award ceremony & players party


Find more detailed information from Tyyni website

PDGA event

  • PDGA A-tier
  • Three days, one round a day with tee-times
  • Divisions
    PDGA Euro Tour: MPO, FPO
    PDGA Amateur Euro Tour: MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40, MA50
    Other divisions available: MP40, FP40, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4, MA60
  • Notice that divisions with fewer than five players might be merged to division above
  • Detailed information about payouts etc. > Tyyni website


    • Valid PDGA membership is required
    • Registration to needs to be done in advance via Disc Golf Scene
    • Entry fees
      MPO, FPO 200 €
      MP40, FP40 150 €
      Amateur divisions 120 €
    • Registration for players outside Finland begins January 8th 2021
    • Registration for Finnish players begins January 15th 2021

    Tyyni side events

    • Traditional Jussin Kisat PDGA event with warm-up Doubles
    • Tyyni After Dawn PDGA event played at night
    • Several PDGA C-tier one round events
    • Trilogy Challenge
    • Doubles events
    • A lot of everything


    Side event information

    Details on the schedule might chance. Detailed information added later.

    Ceremonies & parties

    • Finnish Midsummer party around Jussin Kisat
    • PDGA Worlds watch party
    • Tyyni Opening ceremony

    • Tyyni Award ceremony & players party

    Other events & happenings

    • Finnish Midsummer bonfire
    • Beer & Burger night
    • Ford mini disc golf event
    • A lot more…

    More information

    • Detailed information about courses, accommodation options, schedules etc. can be found from official Tyyni website
    • Registration at Disc Golf Scene